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April 17-26, 2020 • Fair Park and Select Venues • Dallas, TX

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The 2019 event has concluded and we are busy preparing for 2020. Tickets, passes and festival guide for EarthxFilm Festival 2020 will be available here starting January of 2020. Be sure to save-the-dates of April 17-26, 2020 and then join us for another year of turning environmental awareness into action through films and emerging media.

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Tigerland, an elegiac homage to tigers, weaves together two stories of tiger conservation. The first took place first half a century ago in the jungles of India, the second is unfolding today in Russia’s Far East.
Trees are the beating hearts of our forests, miraculous beings that are overlooked but essential to life on this planet. Treeline hones in on these plant creatures.
Tribes on the Edge
When Céline Cousteau, filmmaker, activist and granddaughter of the legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, was asked by an indigenous leader to tell the story of his people in the Amazon jungle of South America, she knew she had to help.
Trinity River Audubon Center Family Picnic
Join EarthxFilm and the Trinity River Audubon Center for a free picnic and a guided hike at the Trinity River Audubon
There are free-range chickens and then, there is Tungrus, a type of rooster that roams around an Indian apartment causing chaos and crapping indiscriminately.
In Uniontown, Alabama, citizens feel they have endured years of pollution. Tired of the pollution, odor and inaction of local politicians, a grassroots group decides to stand up.
Warzone: The Fight to Save the Florida Coral Reef Tract
For four years now, a coral disease unlike any ever experiencedhas been ravaging the coral colonies off South Florida and the Florida Keys.  WARZONE: The Fight to Save the Florida Coral Reef Tract is the story of a team of Special Operations Veterans and their race against time to try and interdict the disease before it’s too late.
There is no one in the environmental movement like Captain Paul Watson and Watson smartly and deftly tells his singular story.
As the climate heats up, wildfires are becoming more and more part of our everyday. Filmmaker Alex Jablonski wanted to understand a different aspect of this challenge by getting to know the men and women on the frontlines of wildland fire.
Wonders of the Sea - 3D
Jean-Michel Cousteau leads his children Celine and Fabian on a journey from Fiji to the Bahamas to discover the beautiful, strange and vital world beneath the sea.
A Word to the Wise
The Solomon Islands — a constellation of 900 islands scattered in the South Pacific far from any major continent — remain one of the least disturbed places on Earth. The story of the islands is told in this short film by Douglas Lui Fu’oa.