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Resound Presents: Donny Benét in Austin, Texas at Mohawk on April 23, 2024.

Donny Benét - Infinite Desires Tour

He’s older now, more thoughtful and wise. He’s travelled the world and he’s seen some things. Time passes, and he matures like the finer things in life: behold the timeless, elegant, sophisticated man that is Donny Benét.

More than a decade since the world first fell for his charms, Donny Benét is taking charge of his destiny like never before. His new album, number six, is called Infinite Desires, and it’s his most complete musical statement yet.

The songs on this album are playful and potent. Passionate and self-assured. He’s talking about romance but he’s also talking about respect. He’s talking about intimacy and gratification but he’s also talking about consent. And he’s bringing it all to life with the same display of muscular musicality that’s been electrifying audiences around the globe for years.

Drop a pin anywhere on a map and chances are you’ll find Donny fans. From Prague to Portland, Bratislava to Brooklyn, they know his name and they know what he represents. Here’s a man who transcends borders with smooth beats, deep grooves and lyrics that speak to our most fundamental desires.

With maturity comes an artist in control. The release of Infinite Desires coincides with the launch of Donnyland Records, a bold new direction for a most distinctive, seductive entertainer. The new label gives Donny the power to preserve a legacy he’s been building since 2011 and empowers him to follow his creative path long into the future.

Be sure to join Donny and his band as they perform Infinite Desires in its entirety, along with all your favourite Benét hits.

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