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Triple Play at the Dallas City Performance Hall

The Relatives, Pleasant Grove, Seryn

9:00pm Theater Doors Open
10:00pm Showtime
All Ages

Dallas City Performance Hall

2520 Flora St.

Dallas, TX 75201

Triple Play at the Dallas City Performance Hall
KXT 91.7, the Dallas Observer and Kessler Entertainment Group are pleased to present Triple Play at the Dallas City Performance Hall, featuring The Relatives, Pleasant Grove and Seryn. Pleasant Grove was one of the most influential alternative rock groups to emerge from the fertile Deep Ellum music scene during the mid-90's. Their albums received an extraordinary amount of critical acclaim, and after disbanding ten years ago, the group have reunited twice for memorable reunion events. Denton, Texas-based Seryn are redefining the term "art rock", with spectacular arrangements, captivating melodies and intelligent lyrics. Their North Texas-area shows sell out consistently, and the band's music is a staple of KXT radio. The Relatives represent the storied past of West Dallas gospel and soul music. During the 70's, the group released many singles that found their way to the American radio airwaves Now, almost 40 years later, the North Texas creative community has once again rediscovered the group's music and embraced them with an enthusiasm usually reserved for "the next big thing".