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Ritual Warfare is Texas’s premier Breaking (Breakdancing) competition. Not just a competition, but a celebration of Breaking and HipHop culture.

The event started in 2008 at a recreation center in Irving, TX and has since evolved in global recognition. After being featured in such cities as Miami, Atlanta, and Houston, Ritual Warfare is back in Dallas!! B-Boys, and B-Girls from all over the world travel to Dallas to showcase their skills and go head to head in battles against other crews. Ritual Warfare takes a traditional approach to Breaking events with a modern twist. Most Breaking events are solely catered to the dancers, Ritual Warfare maintains “the real jam feel” that Breakers get, while still taking the audience in high consideration to create a truly memorable experience for both the dancers and spectators. 

This year, Ritual Warfare is featuring two iconic DJs within the culture. All the way from Philadelphia, of the legendary Flow-Mo Crew, Section 31, we have none other than the legend himself Skeme Richards. His ear for music is unmatched. Skeme always knows how to move the crowd in any atmosphere. His selection is uncanny, soulful and funky. Skeme not only brings life to the party, but will make you move and groove whether you dance or are a wall-flower.

Also, this year Ritual Warfare is featuring a Florida gem, diamond if you will. Out of Jacksonville Florida, representing the legendary Little Green Apples, and Main Ingredients Crew, we have DJ B-Ryan on the ones and twos. B-Ryan, and the Little Green Apples have a unique approach to the breaks. Taking the break of a song, what most people wouldn’t consider a break and reimagining the idea of the traditional breakbeats. That approach has solidified the unique style of the Little Green Apples. With legends such as DJ Basic and Paten Locke to help pave that way, DJ B-Ryan encompasses the style with grace. 

With Breaking becoming an official Olympic Sport in Paris 2024, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to get the experience of the art of Breaking. Its happening here in Dallas Texas. If you have never been to a Breaking Jam, this will be a truly unforgettable experience.

This event features competitors of all ages, from diapers to depends. You will witness high, international level talent here. With three world renowned, and highly respected panel of judges, you can expect the most fair and balanced votes.

Children under 10 will be admitted for free with a parent or guardian ticketholder.

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The Kessler
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All Ages