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From a very early age, John Caparulo knew exactly what he wanted to be
when he grew up— a grizzly bear. Unfortunately, like most youngsters with
such lofty aspirations, his grades just weren’t good enough. So young John
joined the navy in search of adventure. But his dreams were dashed once
again when he realized it was the Old Navy, and the only adventure they
could offer him involved folding cheap khakis for minimum wage. Cap
wouldn’t let such minor disappointments sway him from finding a fulfilling
career path though, and he decided to open his own karate dojo to teach
deaf and blind kids how to defend themselves. It took about 6 years before
anyone figured out that John didn’t know karate. The blind students had no
idea what they were being taught had been derived mainly from Jackie
Chan movies and Hong Kong Phooey or that Cap’s dojo was actually in his
front yard. None of the deaf kids were able to win a fight against John, and
naturally neither were any of their mothers. But after many of them watched
Cap break his foot attempting to chop a board in half, the writing was on
the wall, even in Braille. So Cap closed his front yard dojo forever and left
town. Since then, he’s pursued a relatively successful career in comedy.
Caparulo moved to LA in 1999 and got a job working the door at The World
Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. After nearly 4 years of
struggling for stage time, cutting grass at a local golf course and rethinking
life choices, the young comedian started catching a few breaks.
Cap’s first TV appearance was a spot on “The Late Late Show with Craig
Kilborn.” From there he was invited to the 2003 Just For Laughs Festival in
Montreal. This provided Cap with the golden opportunity to fly thousands of
miles away to showcase his talents for industry executives who lived right
down the street from him. He made the most of it though by landing a
development deal with Fox, which led to countless meetings, terrible pilot
scripts and nothing else.
In 2006, Cap was one of the comedians documented on Vince Vaughn's
Wild West Comedy Tour. The movie then hit theaters in February 2008,
grossing over $600 worldwide!!
John Caparulo was also featured on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The
Next Generation, which would take the nation by storm, selling out concerts
from March of 2008 to late March of 2008. During that same time, Cap
would make several appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Cap appeared over 150 times as a panelist on Chelsea Handler’s popular
E! show, “Chelsea Lately,” during its 7-year run. He also appeared as part
of Ron White's Salute To The Troops on CMT, a network on which he
became well-known as the host of the surprisingly hilarious show Mobile
Home Disaster. And he played the part of Brian on the short-lived ABC
sitcom “Work It” (more commonly referred to as Sh It). In 2018, he
showcased his love for Tom Brady on Showtime’s Unsportsmanlike
Comedy with Rob Gronkowski.
Cap has two comedy specials / albums: “John Caparulo: Meet Cap,” which
premiered on Comedy Central in 2008 and “John Caparulo: Come Inside
Me,” which launched on Netflix in 2013. In February 2014, Cap began
releasing Caplets, a brand-new set of comedy every 30 days that were
distributed on Hulu, JohnCaparulo.com, and YouTube.com/
In the world of animation, John voiced the character of “Headphone Joe” on
Disney’s Fish Hooks. For the past few years, Cap has been writing and
developing an animated series called “John Caparulo’s Cartoon Comic,”
based on his life as a comedian, husband and father. He has also written a
comic book series under the same title and has produced several animated
standup shorts.
After working all over the globe for 20+ years, Cap settled down in Las
Vegas and performed almost 500 shows during a 2-year residency at
Harrah’s. “John Caparulo’s Mad Cap Comedy” ran 5 nights a week from
May 10th, 2018, until its unexpected demise on March 15th, 2020, as a
result of the COVID-19 shutdowns.
Since Covid made live performances impossible for such an extended
period, Cap adapted to the restrictions with “Un-Capped Comedy,” a
monthly livestream show on which the live audience picks the topics for the
comedian to discuss onstage. And now that live venues appear to be
opening back up, Cap is back on the road killing crowds with his sharp wit,
unique delivery, and brilliant affinity for cuss words.


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