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Meet Austin-based band March and Beauty, a culmination of music created by Tim and  Terri Dittmar, Paul Stautinger and Justin Bocanegra. Known for their melodic indie pop  tunes, this group has roots in some of Austin's most cherished bands from the 1990s  and 2000s - bo bud greene, Desafinado, Sweet Pea, annabella, Murdocks, and a  myriad of others. Tim and Terri have been creating music that has found airplay in  colleges across the country for the past 30 years. However, it was not until they  collaborated with Paul and Justin that the band, March and Beauty, sprouted into  something more than your typical indie rock super group. 

March and Beauty is excited to present their latest self-produced single, “Change,” a  potent mix of ‘80s new wave and ‘90s alt-rock engineered by Louie Lino (New  Pornographers/Nada Surf/Cardigans/Moving Panoramas). This vibrant new track pulls  you in with its meaningful lyrics, catchy synths, driving guitars, and powerful rhythms.  Terri, the lead singer and lyricist, takes a stance on recent women’s rights issues with  this track as she voices out, “Put a woman in chains telling her what she can and cannot  do with her own body.” She boldly responds as the chorus lifts, “Time to wake the day.  Apathetic, legislate this, lay it to rest.” 

“Change” will be available Friday, July 19th.  

March and Beauty: 

Terri Dittmar-vocals/lyrics, synthesizer 

Tim Dittmar-drums, loops 

Paul Stautinger-bass 

Justin Bocanegra-guitar 

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