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Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond

$12.00 to $17.00 +fee & tax
18 & up

Hyena's Dallas

5321 East Mockingbird

Dallas, TX 75206

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond

Apr 19 - 8:30pm FREE SHOW
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Barry Diamond is somewhat of an enigma. He's been a professional stand-up comedian for almost 30 years and has appeared in many popular television shows, movies and traveling carnivals.

Diamond's credits are impressive. He has appeared in "Friends", "Seinfield", "Politically Incorrect", "Curb Your Enthusiasm” and every movie with the word “party” in it. 

Diamond is an absolute hit on stage; he's a cut above the rest, with a high-calibre repertoire, which sees him undergo numerous personality changes with great effect. He also has a powerful singing voice and opens and closes his performance with two superb numbers. Then he dances. He dances the dance that dazzled the whirling dervishes of Persia in the 18th century. He dances himself and the audience into a frenzy until he is shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

His act is difficult to describe, he doesn't tell one-liners, instead he prefers to weave different stories into his act. He introduces his various characters early in the show; they then appear throughout the act, often in the same sentence. The characters aren't impersonations of famous people, instead they're impersonations of everyday people, complete with hand gesturing and facial expressions. It's very unique, very wild and very funny. Then…the show starts. It begins quite innocently with a song, then some funny stuff followed by a gunshot and a fire. In spite of the insurance risks audience are still mesmerized by the talent and versatility this performer displays when he is confident of being paid at the shows conclusion.

Mr. Diamond is no doubt a unique performer. There is never any gratuitous profanity or graphic sexual content. Everything is clever and mostly spontaneous and refreshingly natural and unforced along with several brief episodes of total nudity.

Mr. Diamond is an American first, a comedian second and a Jew third. He has traveled around the world doing shows to support our American soldiers and not make them think they have been sent to fight a senseless and needless war ordered by a handfull of sociopaths.

As a comedian he has had the privilege of traveling around the world making people laugh on stage, offstage in hospitals, bars, comedy clubs, torture chambers (Guantanamo Bay Improv) Private parties and secret government events.

Finally and not necessarily least importantly, as a Jew Mr. Diamond has supported and even gone so far as to contribute his time and energy to further any causes consistent with the survival of the state of Israel and the peaceful resolution of all Israeli and Arab grievances.