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Deep Ellum Art Company Presents: Amethyst Michelle, Penny Bored, NYGMA, almost a.m.

Amethyst Michelle: Amethyst Michelle is a passionate indie rock band with energetic and engaging live performances that push the limits of what you think local music could be.

Penny Bored: Through honest lyrics about mental health and personal struggles, Penny Bored, the solo project of Faith Alesia (they/them), combines catchy melodies with relatable topics to create an authentic discography and continues to promote the message that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

NYGMA: Summoning the spirit of 2000's hardcore, Dallas, Texas band Nygma have established a reputation of surrealistic lyrics, unorthodox guitar melodies and unpredictable shifts in tempo and rhythm.

almost a.m. : Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Montana, the band "almost a.m." emerged in the fall of 2021, igniting their passion for indie-alternative music. Comprising two brothers and a cousin, this tight-knit trio seamlessly modern sounds and melodies yet still remind you of what's familiar.

Deep Ellum Art Company
3200 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX

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Deep Ellum Art Co
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18 & up