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Deep Ellum Art Company Presents: The Motet

Forming over two decades ago, the funksix-pieceThe Motet have learned to work as an interlocking unit, with each member bolstering one another towards the best creative output.This symbiosis has led to a unique style and cohesive musical chemistry, as seen in the and's immaculate live performances and seamless blend of funk, soul, jazz, and rock. With a fervent fanbase in tow,The Motet have sold out shows across the nation,pebrformedsixheadlining slots at Red Rocks and sets at festivals such asBonnaroo,Bottlerock,ElectricForest,Bumbershoot,Summer Camp, and High Sierra.But even after their 20+ years of accolades and recognition, the legendary outfit-composed of Dave Watts(drums),Joey Porter(keys),Garrett Sayers(bass),Drew Sayers(keys and saxophone),Ryan Jalbert(guitar), and new singer Sarah Clarke-are still exploring newsonic ideas and finding new ways to showcase each other’s skill sets.The band released their 10th studio album,All Day,in January 2023-an eclectici nstrumental voyage threaded by the infectious grooves and immaculate, layered arrangements that The Motet have become known for.Now with vocal power house Sarah Clarke in tow, the band continues their journey with new songs and fresh arrangements of Motet classics.

Deep Ellum Art Company
3200 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX

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Deep Ellum Art Co
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18 & up