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Resound Presents: Sanguisugabogg & Jesus Piece in Austin, Texas at Mohawk on April 21, 2024.

A death metal band from Columbus, Ohio that formed in the year 2019. Sanguisugabogg currently consists of Devin Swank (vocals), Ced Davis (bass, guitars), Drew Arnold (bass) and Cody Davidson (drums). Past members include Steph Barnes (bass) and Cameron Boggs (guitars). They have an old school death metal sound. Their lyrical themes include gore, drugs, perversion and anti-authority. They were first signed to Maggot Stomp in 2019, but they are currently signed to Century Media Records. Through Maggot Stomp, they released their first demo Pornographic Seizures in 2019. In the year 2021, the band released four singles. Also in 2021, they released their debut full-length album Tortured Whole in 2021 through their current label Century Media Records.
They released their sophomore full-length album Homicidal Ecstasy in 2023 through their current label Century Media Records.


Jesus Piece

Jesus Piece is an American metalcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 2015. They have toured with acts such as Code Orange, Knocked Loose, and Ghostemane within the past couple of years. The band formed in 2015 with the current line up consisting of Aaron Heard on vocals, along with guitarists David Updike and John DiStefano, bassist Anthony Marinaro and drummer Luis Aponte. They self-released their first demo/EP in the same year, followed by a self-released EP in the summer of 2016. In 2017, they did a split EP with Malice at the Palace which was released through Bridge Nine Records. In 2018, the band signed to Southern Lord Records and released their full-length debut Only Self on August 24 of that year. Only Self received positive reviews from critics being noted for its punishing and heavy sound. In March 2020, it was announced that they will be supporting Code Orange's headlining tour this year along with Show Me the Body, Year of the Knife, and Machine Girl. Pitchfork's Andy O'Connor described their sound and his opening thoughts with "Jesus Piece rage at the nexus of hardcore, death metal, industrial, and ’90s metalcore. They’re part of a new metalcore movement that proves that experimentation and succinct, clobbering riffs can not only coexist, but make for natural partners. On their first full-length, Only Self, they make the case that such should be the new tradition.''

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