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From the longing of synthetic fulfillment comes the American synth duo - SECRECIES on Idol Records. Find warmth in sweet bouncy melodies, as they frame a revolt from the digital dots that connect modern society. Stacked layers of brilliant vocals descend into a gritty bed of rock senti-ment, leaving you wanting more.
Their multi-layered chilling harmonies unite over playful pulses, evoking the heartaches and joys of passing youth. They have performed with Alice Merton, Handsome Ghost, Armors, Swimming With Bears, Wilsen, Geneva  Jacuzzi, Bad Bad Hats, Night Drive, Nite Jewel and more.  
“I’m loving their sound, I’m loving this song... It’s a song I just can’t get enough of...” - Amy Miller, 91.7 KXT Dallas, TX
“Secrecies brings a unique sound on Hole In My Heart with electrifying upbeat synthesizers, combined with smooth and dreamy vocals. The gorgeous vocals are delivered with mellow harmonies that really set the vibe.” - Rock the Pigeon
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