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Come see Lunar Gold, The Western Civilization, and Semihelix Friday, June 21st!

Lunar Gold

Lunar Gold's haunting brand of indie rock evokes nostalgia, casting patient, colorful shadows. The outcome is a bloom of poignant emotions often suppressed, or perhaps forgotten. With timeless grace, the cinematic sway of subdued psychedelic twang draws in even the hardest of hearts. Embracing the aesthetic of dynamics, the songs always leave something to hold onto, but we believe you'll find yourself letting go.


Semihelix is an Austin-based dream pop/psychedelic 90s fuzz and delay collaboration originally formed in 2012, with melodic yet loud sounds including influences of the Pixies, Black Tambourine, Sonic Youth, and the Kinks. The band released their latest full-length "Recoil" on Mariel Recording Company on October 1st of 2021. They released a 7” EP  on Strawberry Pancakes Records, 12/2023 leading up to a new full length coming soon. They've received international recognition from the Recoil album, including reviews, write ups, and radio play. The songs are about resiliency, healing, overcoming trauma and hard situations, love, and social justice. The band is Geannie Friedman on vocals and guitar, Mike Cota on bass, and Valdemar Barrera on drums and backing vocals.

Western Civilization
Western Civilization is an Indie Rock band from Austin, TX led by song writing duo Reggie O'Farrell and Rachel Hansbro. The new album Fractions of a Whole reveals a new maturity to their music with a more lush sounding production style and a focus on cohesive, graceful songcraft over the endearingly quirky elements that dominated their earlier work. The songs, while beautifully gut-wrenching, still hold on to the hope of the light at the end of the tunnel with songwriting that brings to mind a more lyrically biting Death Cab For Cutie or The Shins and Modest Mouse’s finer moments. At Its core, The Western Civilization has always been a collaborative project that Reggie and Rachel are the musical directors of and the new album Fractions of A Whole is no exception... a rotating cast of characters/collaborators that orbit around them where the final sum always somehow seems to be more than the whole of its parts.
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