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Flo Hernandez

Flo Hernandez

18 & up

Hyena's Plano

1941 Preston Rd. #1030

Plano, TX 75093

Flo Hernandez

Flo Hernandez

Mar 21 - 8:30pm FREE SHOW
Mar 22 - Buy Plano Tickets for 8:30pm

Born in Dallas, Florencio Hernandez, or Flo is moving up fast in stand-up comedy. Recognized as one of the hot young Latino comics. Flo is performing at clubs and events across the US. Compared by critics to Latino comedy greats George Lopez and the late Freddy Soto, Flo delivers fast paced, high energy stand-up that crosses all cultural, ethnic and economic boundaries. Flo takes his comedy on the road every chance he gets and is popular with clubs like the Hollywood Improv. 

This entertainer definitely rocks the house. Already gaining a multi-cultural fan base, Flo is known for his signature "Paleta Man", "Garage Sale" and "Taco Salad" routines, always audience favorites. Born to proud Mexican American parents, he was always the class clown while growing up. As an adult, Flo tried the "corporate cubical 9 to 5 but his passion for making people laugh called him to the stage. He took the risk and jumped to pursue a full time career in comedy. Even when others thought he was crazy, he took the challenge. Today Flo is building a comedy tidal wave in clubs and cities across the southwest. Watch for Flo near you. If he's not scheduled, ask a club near you when they plan to book this star on the rise. See you there!