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Ku Egenti (born June 17, 1981) is a Nigerian comedian, producer & talk show host. Ku is a nationally touring comedian from Houston, Texas. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He started his comedy career in Memphis, TN. He has a Facebook talk show called "Standing Room Only". The best way to describe Ku Egenti's stand up comedy is observational humor mixed with a Nigerian flavor. Ku is an extremely versatile comedian, he can perform clean, PG 13 & R-Rated shows. Egenti has a station on Pandora. Ku was one of the finalists at Burbank Comedy Festival (2019) & a regular performer at Come & Take It Festival in Houston, Texas. He is a regular guest on ESPN 97.5 Houston. Paul Rodriguez, Billy D. Washington, Ali Siddiq, Cocoa Brown & Darryl Lennox are his comedy mentors & he has also opened up for them as well. In 2022, Ku Egenti released his second comedy album in 5 years titled "Kutastrophe". It is available on all music streaming platforms including iHeartradio. 
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