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Doors @ 7, Music @ 8.
18+ unless accompanied by an adult.
All persons under the age of 21 will be subject to a $5 minor fee at the time of entry.
Be excellent to each other.

Illiterate Light:

Illiterate Light thrives onsubverting expectations. Though just a duo, the Harrisonburg, Virginia-basedsinger-guitarist Jeff Gorman along with Nashville, Tennessee-based drummer JakeCochran make surprisingly pummeling and thoughtful alternative rock. Since theband’s 2015 inception, they’ve intently focused on their unorthodox live showwith Cochran standing behind his kit and Gorman playing synth bass with hisfoot as he sings and strums his guitar. Fiercely egalitarian and independent,the two not only split up songwriting duties and arrangement ideas, they evenbuilt bike-powered stages: bringing the fans into the live experience andenvisioning a greener future for shows.

But with their latest album Sunburned, out January 27 via ThirtyTigers, Gorman and Cochran have turned their attention inward to theirsongwriting and studio craft. It’s their most fully-realized and ambitious LPyet, one that’s full of immediate songs that update and revolutionize theband’s approach to making music. There are rich keyboard and programmedpercussion textures now populating their songs, as well as soaringly anthemicchoruses, and hefty doses of fuzz. “On our first record, we were verylive-focused and wanted to make sure whatever we were writing was translated inperson,” says Gorman. “Without that crutch, we could be more adventurous andtake more risks. We definitely weren’t timid in the studio.

The Mammoths: 
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