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Raymond Orta

Raymond Orta

18 & up

Hyena's Fort Worth

425 Commerce

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Raymond Orta

Raymond Orta

May 20 - Buy Ft Worth Tickets for 7:00pm

Raymond Orta has been doing stand-up comedy since he was 8 years old... he’s like one of those Asian kids with a guitar, but his medium is stand-up comedy. Whether it’s his stage presence, his timing, his spot on impressions, his out-of-this-world sound effects, Raymond Orta is a versatile comedian to say the least. But to say he’s funny is a monumental understatement... funny doesn’t begin to describe this high-energy show that will leave you clutching your ribs, massaging your face, even slapping tables and spitting fluids out of your nose and mouth. It’s rumored that at one of his shows, he had a lady collapse and had to be taken out by ambulance and receive medical attention. Doctors later discovered that lack of oxygen from excessive laughter had caused her to pass out and lose her bodily function. She was released, but the embarrassment of leaving a puddle of urine on the floor incited a lawsuit which is pending against Raymond. Due to this, he now has people at his shows sign a waiver making him not responsible for anything that might happen because of his comedy, which can result in broken ribs, passing out, and even choking on an ice cube. 

So sit back and enjoy one of the most incredible undiscovered talents in the country. Trust me when we say, this guy is going to be bigger than anyone can imagine.