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Julie Scoggins

Julie Scoggins

18 & up

Hyena's Fort Worth

425 Commerce

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Julie Scoggins

Julie Scoggins

July 12 - 8:30pm FREE SHOW
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A former trucker, pooper scooper and charm school graduate from Charlotte, North Carolina, Julie has been touring as a full time stand-up comedian for over 15 years. On the road approximately 36 weeks a year with one week a month set aside for "marriage preservation". She loves riding her motorcycle to gigs and you'll frequently see her 2004 Harley Road King parked outside the club, theater, radio or TV station. 

Julie's regularly heard on XM/Sirius Blue Collar Radio, as well as many syndicated stations including the John Boy & Billy Show, and the Bob & Sheri Show, (Charlotte, NC), and the Bob & Tom Show (Indianapolis, IN). A Southern girl with universal appeal, Julie's shows sell out from Florida to Oregon. Folks actually WANT to sit in the front row & have been known to return a second night, just so they can bring friends that haven't yet seen her. "Phyllis Diller started comedy at 37 years old and so did I. She went on to have a fabulous career that lasted over 40 years. I hope to be just as fortunate. It's so awesome to be doing exactly what I feel like I'm meant to do!" 

After living on a boat in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Julie & her husband, Mark moved back to the states in 1997. It was time to make her next career move after being a sales rep for Frito-Lay. "I sold Doritos on an island where 50% of the people smoked pot! Talk about a market niche!" While she and her husband were deciding their next career moves, they went to open mic nights at the Charlotte, NC Comedy Zone. "It was all guys and they were SO awful! Mark said I was funnier, so I gave it a try. I was immediately hooked and have been performing ever since!"