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Ahren Belisle 
As seen on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, and KILL TONY, Ahren Belisle is a software engineer and mental health advocate turned comedian. Born in Northern Ontario with cerebral palsy, Ahren is a mute comedian who uses his phone to deliver jokes. Ahren has over 800,000 followers and uses his platform to spread positive messages and comedy.

Heath Cordes 

Cordes is a fresh stand-up comedian who originally started in Alabama and recently moved to Austin, TX. Since moving to Texas, he’s acquired a golden ticket on Kill Tony, opened for Tony Hinchcliff, and other comedians such as Tim Dillion and Duncan Trussel at the worlds fastest growing comedy club, The Comedy Mothership.  

Martin Phillips 

Martin Phillips is a stand up comedian originally from DC recently relocated to Austin and travels all over. He’s best known for being a golden ticket winner from Kill Tony but has also be on festivals, colleges, and every in between   

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Hyenas Fort Worth
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18 & up