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Jammin' the Gulch

Jammin’ the Gulch 2.0 will be held June 24-27 in Haugan, Montana at The Homestead, the former site of Silver Cloud Campout. We are planning a 3-day event this year with even more music. We have an initial lineup set for June 25-27. Sunday is still coming together and is currently TBD once we have started selling tickets. Our goal is 150 paying guests and if we get more, that means more music! The campground will open on Thursday and we will have a Thursday night pre-party as well! Check the schedule and bands page for more information and updates. 

The success of the event is based on the PRE-SALE! If you have friends that want to come but say they will be paying at the gate, that isn't how this type of event works. We must stress that tickets need to be purchased in advance and early if possible. 

What started as a back-up plan due to the shut-down of the live music experience, has now evolved into its second year. While none of us anticipated a year ago that we’d still be facing limited live music now, we are rolling with the punches and seeking to produce an even better event so we can all get a little taste of the experience we love most. We’re now literally witnessing some of life’s most proverbial sayings coming to light -  “When one door closes, another always opens” - and in this case we’re making the collective choice to run through that door seeing the world of live music possibilities half-full and blessed to be able to have a group of people cool enough to make something happen. So, let’s do it up! Just to be extra safe, we need to put in some ground rules and codes of responsibility.

#1. The event is still a non-profit party for our friends.

#2. We are keeping a rule of one-degree of separation for all attendees. That means the guest list starts with people who attended last year and will grow by inviting only people you know. Everyone throw down and invite your best, most reliable, interesting friends and family. They don’t have to just be from Montana, but they do have to be cool enough that you put your neck on the line for them. That’s how our accountability system is going to work, especially when word gets out how sick the music is going to be. We’re shooting for the stars and when we land on the moon we don’t want things to get out of hand. Our goal is to grow the numbers responsibly to where we can all have a good time without too much liability and so we need to keep it “in the family.”

No one likes rules, so that’s it for most of ours.

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June 25 - June 27
The Homestead - Haugan, MT