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Jammin' the Gulch

Jammin' the Gulch 2023


Woodbridge, Connecticut

Returning for their second year in a row, Eggy is…the comfort felt consuming a favorite dish that stirs memories past. The familiar tastes that envelop you & bold flavors that inspire. The deep textures of your life’s landscapes in musical form. Eggy’s rich harmonies carry introspective lyrics across winding instrumentation, taking the listener on a deep sonic journey. Like a good dish, Eggy is more than the sum of its parts- Jake Brownstein (guitar/vocals), Dani Battat (keys/vocals), Mike Goodman (bass/vocals), & Alex Bailey (drum/vocals).

From Connecticut, Eggy has been blasting onto the scene opening for bands across the east this past year such as Twiddle, Spafford, and Dopapod in addition to their own touring. Eggy produced an epic performance at The Peach Festival last year that many of our crew have watched a number of times. We are fortunate to have them play their Montana debut at The Homestead.

Website | At The Peach | More Eggy


Armchair Boogie 

Madison, Wisconsin

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Armchair Boogie is a nationally touring newgrass act whose unbounded original sound ranges from lightning fast bluegrass to fiery funk to soulful folk and more. Their unique lineup features drums and electric bass backing acoustic guitar and banjo. Pair that with powerful harmonies, timeless originals, and choice covers, and you have yourself unforgettable live performances and diverse studio albums.

Augie Dougherty (banjo), Ben Majeska (acoustic guitar), Eli Frieders (bass), and Denzel Connor (drums)

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One Leaf

Bozeman, Montana

The One Leaf sound is a unique fusion of funk, rock, hip hop, and reggae music, inspired by the rythems and melodies of the streets and top 40. The sound is a combination of hard -hitting beats, soulful guitar riffs, and a powerful four-string bass that together create a sound that is both captivating and energizing. The lyrics of One Leaf songs express both love and joy, aw well as moments of heartache, delivered in harmony, with a laugh and a wink to the old masters from which all music is born. having shared the stage with many local, regional and national acts, One Leaf is sure to take you on a special musical journey. 

Website | Watch


Bozeman, Montana

Greasy improvisational blues, rock, funk, and beyond.


One Tire Fire

Whitefish, Montana

Formerly Engine 99 who covered the works of the Grateful Dead, Engine 99 has expanded it's roster and it's catalog. They can move smoothly from the Dead to Phish, The Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, and more. 


Sausalito Ferry

Bozeman, Montana


Hardwood Heart

Missoula, Montana

Hardwood Heart was born out of compulsion - a desire for guitarist Josh Clinger and mandolin player Jed Nussbaum to keep as musically active and exploratory as possible. What started as two songwriters swapping tunes in backyards and living rooms turned into an impressive catalog of original material and covers, woven together with creative improvisation and vocal harmonies. With the addition of bassist Caleb Mattis, Hardwood Heart forged a sound rooted in bluegrass but stretching into jazz, folk, blues and rock and roll, touching down on heartfelt balladry but extending into high energy jams that have kept the audience moving at late night festival slots and busy clubs.
The trio maintained a steady work ethic throughout the slowdown in 2020, releasing a steady stream of recordings showcasing the band’s pension for interweaving heartfelt lyricism with deft instrumentalism. Somewhere amongst a busy 2022 that found the band playing over 130 shows in seven states throughout the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest, Hardwood also found time to record their first full length album. Entitled Growth Rings, the ten songs encapsulate the evolution of a band that has honed their craft in living rooms, on stages and along the open road.
Way Down North
Whitefish, Montana

A duo from Northwest Montana performing Americana originals and covers. Tina Bertram and Cory Chopp combine to bring a mixture of four different instruments and vocals to their sets, mostly playing saloons, outdoor gigs, breweries, and weddings. In a few short years, the pair has opened for such acts as Railroad Earth, Shakey Graves, and The Last Revel to name a few.


DJ Reed
Missoula, Montana

DJ Reed is a dynamic and versatile artist with a passion for electronic music. With a repertoire that includes house, techno, disco, soul, and bass music, DJ Reed is a master at reading a crowd and is known for his ability to get people on their feet and keep them on the dance floor all night long. He has been making waves in the electronic music scene for several years, earning a reputation as a talented and charismatic DJ with an infectious energy. 

DJ Reed has played at a wide range of events, from large gatherings & weddings, to private functions, underground raves, and festivals. He is known for his impromptu summer parties, where he transforms the outdoors into a dance floor, and all night renegade events, where he keeps the party going until the sun comes up. 

Reed's music is all about creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for his audience, with each set carefully curated to take listeners on a journey. Whether he's mixing up classic disco tracks, expertly blending heavy basslines with infectious rhythms, or layering soulful vocals over deep house grooves, Reed's music is always fresh, exciting, and full of surprises.

More to come.....